46,000 People Banned From Casinos In Switzerland Last Year

Switzerland saw an increase in people who are banned from casinos in 2015. A report shows that more than 46,000 people have been hit by such a ban. These figures include the 21 establishments in the country. These are people who are addicted. Others are dangers that could affect the smooth running of activities in Victory666 casinos.

An increase in the number of people banned from casinos

The Federal Gambling Commission has published its figures on the number of people banned from casinos in Switzerland. There has been a marked increase. In Switzerland’s 21 establishments, 46,468 people have been subject to a ban. Unlike 2014, there is a surplus of 3,374 people. The reasons for these exclusions are various. There are those who have fallen into addiction, others are still in a fragile stage.

But it is not only these types of people who are concerned. There are also those who are already at a critical stage of indebtedness. Finally, among these more than 46,000 people there are also those who show risks that could hinder the smooth running of casino activities. It should be noted that casinos must comply with the law and take action if people are causing nuisance and disrupting operations. They are required to exclude players who present a risk of addiction or who do not only have the opportunity to play.

Fairly strict regulations on exclusion

The 21 casinos in Switzerland are subject to identical regulations, particularly with regard to exclusion. To get an exception, you have to meet a number of very strict conditions. In the country, these establishments are also subject to inspections. All the casinos went there in 2015 and they are carried out by the secretariat of the Federal Gambling House Commission. The results are generally quite good, but there are still some poor performers. The Committee further noted less reliable control systems.

These establishments have been urged to take the necessary measures to correct the problem. Switzerland is a country which is quite strict in the policy of excluding people at risk. Casinos are required to comply with this regulation. So far no major incidents have been revealed with regard to the control system, but it should be noted that more and more people with problems pass through these casinos.

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