Akrofi-Christaller Institute (ACI) » The Institute Council

Dr Alex Glover-Quartey
Chairman of Council.
Retired Head of the Ghana Civil Service. Nominated by the Institute.

Dr Victor Okoh 
Vice Chairman of Council.
Retired Head of Medical Services of the Volta River Authority and active Presbyterian lay leader and church planter. A distinguished Ghanaian.

Mr  Frank Beecham  
Legal Advisor. Nominated by the Institute.

Mr Kingsford Amoah 
Financial Advisor.  Nominated by the Institute.

Rev Dr Benhardt Y.  Quarshie
Rector, ACI. 

Professor Gillian Mary Bediako 
Deputy Rector, ACI.

Most Rev Dr J. O. Akrofi
Anglican Bishop of West Africa.  A distinguished Ghanaian.

Justice Mrs Henrietta Abban
A Distinguished Ghanaian.

Rev George Kwapong
Presbytery Chairman, Akuapem Presbytery. Nominated by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Prof K. A. Adarkwa
PCG Representative.

Dr Solomon Andriatsimialomananarivo
A Non-Ghanaian Academic.

Dr Araba Sefa-Dedeh
Dept of Psychology, University of Ghana Medical School, Legon. Representing the Academic community in Ghana.