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PhD (Theology)

Fossouo, Pascal (Cameroun)  PhD, 2003
African Sacral Rule and the Christian Church: An Investigation into a Process of Change and Continuity in the Encounter between Christianity and African Tradition, with particular reference to Cameroun and Ghana

Chitlango, Andre (Mozambique) PhD, 2003
Ntumbuluku and Christian faith: An Evangelical Perspective on the Encounter between Gospel and Culture in the Interaction of Christian and Tsonga Theoretical Constructs of Reality in Southern Mozambique

Laryea, Philip Tetteh  (Ghana) PhD, 2006
Christianity as Vernacular Religion: A Study in the Theological Significance of Mother Tongue Apprehension of the Christian Faith in West Africa with reference to the works of Ephraim Amu (1899-1995)

Edusa Eyison, Joseph Manasseh Yarquah (Ghana) PhD, 2007
The Quest for Relevance: The History and Development of Theological Education in West Africa in the 20th Century with particular reference to the contributions of Harry Sawyerr (Sierra Leone), Bolaji Idowu (Nigeria) and Kwesi Dickson (Ghana)

Sule-Saa, Solomon Sumani (Ghana)  PhD, 2007
The Impact of Vernacular Translation on the Dagomba and Konkomba of Northern Ghana in the light of Lamin Sanneh's conception of Mission as Translation

Afriyie, Ernestina (Ghana) PhD, 2010
The Theology of the Okuapehene's Odwira: An Illustration of the Engagement of the Gospel and Culture among the Akan of Akropong-Akuapem

Opuni-Frimpong, Kwabena (Ghana) PhD, 2010
Theological Construction of Akan Chieftaincy in contemporary Ghana: Perspectives on Christian Leadership 

Sunday, Emmah Andak'po (Nigeria) PhD, 2011
The Historical Development of Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ: Towards the Shaping of a Church's Identity from 1927 to 1996.

Daniel, Seblewengel Woldegiorgis (Ethiopia) PhD, 2011
Perception and Identity: A Study of the Relationship between the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Evangelical Churches in Ethiopia

Adeleye, Femi Bitrus (Nigeria) PhD, 2013   
The Development of the Thought of Samuel Ajayi Crowther concerning  British and African Culture in the Context of the Church Missionary Society in the period 1821 TO 1891

Degbe, Simon (Ghana) PhD, 2013   
Uses of Scripture in Contemporary African Pentecostal-Charismatic Preaching: A Theological Analysis of Selected Sermons of Mensa Anamua Otabil of Ghana

Murimi, Susan (Kenya) PhD, 2013   
The Changing Face of Pentecostalism in Kenya since 1910: An Examination of Historical, Cultural and Religious Dynamics

Walton, James Kweku Gyekye (Ghana) PhD, 2013   
The Role of Indigenous Lay Agents in the Expansion of Methodism in the Gold Coast before 1950 - with special reference to Catechists

Hinkon, Isaiah Bako (Nigeria) PhD, 2014
The Theology and Practices of the Emerging "Gidan Addu'a", Prayer Home, in Wukari and its Environs: Challenges and Impact on the Churches and Society

Dah, Dorcas Ini (Burkina Faso) PhD, 2015
Birifo Women Communicating the Gospel: An Analysis of the Work and Contribution of Birifo Women to the Growth of the Church in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana)

Gaisie, Rudolf Kuuku (Ghana) PhD, 2015
The Logos as Nana (Ancestor) - An Assessment of Ancestor Christology in the Light of Logos Christology from an African Missiological Perspective

Ng'ang'a, Abraham Waigi (Kenya) PhD, 2015
African Theology and African Literature: A Theological Critique of Wole Soyinka's Aesthetic Framework for Reconstituting African Life and Thought

Pym, David W. (Australia) PhD, 2015
'Children of the Enlightenment?' The Influence of Enlightenment Ideas upon Scottish Missionaries who went to Africa during the Nineteenth Century

Akimana, Gabriel (Rwanda) PhD, 2016
Translation Issues in an Inter-Confessional Bible Version: An Evaluation of Bibiliya Ijambory Imana through a Hebrew-Kinyarwanda Analysis of Selected Passages

Zizer, Victor (Sierra-Leone)  PhD, 2016
Hannah Kilham and West African Christianity: The Role of Native Language Education in the Establishment and Expansion of Christianity in Sierra Leone

MTh (African Christianity)

Kau, Sello Edgar (South Africa) MTh, 2000
A Comparative Study of Isaiah Shembe and Emmanuel Milingo's Ministries and their contributions to African Christianity

Afriyie, Ernestina (Ghana) MTh, 2001
A Comparative Study of Akan and Biblical Concepts of a Human Being: A study to Illustrate a Method of Cross-Cultural Evangelism

Gatumu, Albert Kabiro wa (Kenya) MTh,  2001
Primal World-View and the Bible: An African Christian contribution to a Hermeneutical method from the Perspective of the Primal World-View, with particular reference to the Kikuyu of Kenya

Gouentoueu, Gilbert (Cote d'Ivoire) MTh, 2001
Conversion � Christ: Etude de continuit�s et ruptures entre la foi chretienne et des aspects des religions traditionelles africaines. Le cas du people Dane
Kapenda, Martin Kasongo (Zambia) MTh,  2001
Hermeneutics and Culture: A Critical Appraisal of the Impact of the Local Cultural Context upon the Reading of the Bible in the Evangelical Church in Zambia

Laryea, Philip Tetteh (Ghana) MTh, 2001
St. Ignatius of Antioch and Afua Kuma of Kwahu: A study in some Images of Jesus in Second Century Christianity and Modern African Christianity

Mwaniki, Lydia (Kenya) MTh,  2001
The Impact of the Church on the Development of the Identity of an African Christian Woman: The Case of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Kirinyaga (1910 to 1999)

Sule-Saa, Solomon Sumani (Ghana) MTh, 2001
Ethnicity and the Church: The case of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Tshehla, Maarman Samuel (South Africa) MTh, 2001
Reading John 1:1-18 in Sesotho: an Investigation of the Issues, Meanings and Interpretations raised by Mother-Tongue Exegesis
Chiloane, Caroline Fikile (South Africa) MTh, 2003
Healing in Selected New Testament Texts and Implications for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa

Kiura-Kinuthia, Regina  (Kenya) MTh, 2003
A Critical Analysis of Factors that attract Women to Conversion to Christianity, with special reference to the Anglican Church of Kenya Diocese of Mt Kenya Central (1900-2000)

Olabimtan, Kehinde Olumuyiwa (Nigeria) MTh, 2003
A Comparative and Theological Evaluation of the Interface of Mission Christianity and African Culture in Nineteenth-Century Akan and Yoruba Lands of West Africa

Oluoch, Jemima Atieno (Kenya) MTh,  2003
The Christian Political Theology of Rt Rev Dr John Henry Okullu, Bishop of the Diocese of Maseno South of the Anglican Church of Kenya (1929-1999)

Longwe, Molly (Malawi) MTh, 2004
From Chinamwali to Chilangizo: The Christianisation of Pre-Christian Chewa Initiation Rites in the Baptist Convention of Malawi

Atta-Akosah, Thomas (Ghana) MTh, 2005
Bible Translation in Christian Mission: A Case Study of the Spiritual and Socio-Cultural Impact of the Bible Translation Strategy of the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation on the Dega People of Ghana

Fochang, Babila George (Cameroon) MTh, 2005
An Exploration of the Conception of God among the Bali Nyonga and its Impact upon their Contemporary Christian Practice with particular reference to Hymnody and Prayer

Mndolwa, William Fabien  (Tanzania) MTh, 2005
A Theological and Historical Analysis of the Revival Movement (UAMSHO) within the Anglican Church of Tanzania

Nyawo, Sonene (Swaziland) MTh, 2005
The Early Encounter between the Swazi and the Western Missionaries: The Establishment of the Evangelical Church of Swaziland (1894-1950)

Cleal, Alizon Margaret (UK) MTh, 2006
Five Narratives of Religious Itinerary from the Bosomefi and Anowa Families of Idan Oguaa in Fanteland, Ghana: A Theological Exploration of the Affinity between the World-View of the Christian Scriptures and the African Primal World-View

Rutayisire, Theoneste (Rwanda) MTh, 2006
Christian Response to Human Need: A Case Study of the Ministry of Christian NGOs to Genocide Victims in Kigali-Ville Province of Rwanda

Adjei, Solomon Nii-Mensah  (Ghana) MTh, 2006
Nyɔηmɔ (God) in Ga Tradition and Christian Mission: An Exploration of the Historical Relationship between the Religious Tradition of the Ga of South Eastern Ghana and Bible Translation and its Implications for Ga Christian Theology

Amralo, Titus  (Ghana) MTh, 2006
An Assessment of the Commencement and Growth of the Bible Church of Africa in the Greater Accra District Church Council

Ng'ang'a, Abraham Waigi (Kenya) MTh, 2006
The Place of the Transcendent in African Life and Thought - Reading Kenyatta's 'Facing Mount Kenya' as a contribution to African Theology

Waigi , Claire Louise  (UK) MTh, 2006
African Religion in Missionary Scholarship: Edwin W. Smith and John V. Taylor as Western Missionary 'Discoverers' of African Religion in the Twentieth Century and their place in the Development of African Christian Theology

Pym, Cynthia Jane (Australia) MTh, 2009
Mother-Tongue Scripture as a Source of New Theological Insight: An Exegetical Test Case

Zeleke, Tamiru Bekele (Ethiopia) MTh, 2009    
The Origin and Expansion of the Mulu Wongel Church in Ethiopia with particular reference to its Missionary Perspective (1960-1991)

Abugah, Thomas Tangonse (Ghana) MTh, 2011    
Making Muslims Disciples of Christ: An Examination of the Ministry and Contributions of the Straightway Chapel to Evangelism among Muslims in Ghana

Dah, Dorcas Ini (Burkina Faso) MTh, 2011    
A Theological Interpretation of the Birifor Practice of Funerals and its Implications for the Christian Ministry to the Birifor of Burkina Faso
Annan, Gabriel Sodja (Ghana) MTh, 2011
The Wulɔmɔ in the Context of Ga Traditional Priesthood as 'Foreshadow' to the Priesthood of Christ.
Ollennu, Amerley Anerkai (Ghana) MTh, 2012    
A Comparison of the Krobo Dipo and Conformation Rites in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Appiah, Joshua (Ghana) MTh, 2012    
The Affinity Between Traditional (Primal) Religion and Christianity in Ghana: A Comparative Study of some Practices of the Kwesi Kakraba Traditional Religious Centre at Apowa and the Pentecost Area Prayer Centre at Anaji, both in Takoradi

Egyir-Croffet, John Gordon (Ghana) MTh, 2012    
A Thematic Analysis of the Lyrics of Akan Praise and Worship Songs in Christian Congregations in the Accra Metropolis

Bansah, George Quartey (Ghana) MTh, 2012
Healing, Deliverance and Salvation in African Christian Thought and Practice: A Study of the Ewe Primal Religion and Christianity

Puplampu, Gideon Buernor (Ghana) MTh, 2012    
The Meaning and Nature of Conversion with particular reference to James F. Engel's Spiritual Decision Making Scale

Sandoua, Yolande Ad�la�de (Central African Republic) MTh, 2012    
Language, Translation and Literature: Some Theological and Literary Perspectives from selected works of Andrew F. Walls, Lamin Sanneh, John S. Mbiti and Ngugi wa Thiong'o using Sango as Illustrative Text

Akimana, Gabriel (Rwanda) MTh, 2012            
A Comparative Study of Psalm 106 and Sekarama's 'Ndabukire Imana yunamuye u Rwanda' and their contribution to the Contextualisation of the Kinyarwanda Bible

Boachie, John Kwabena (Ghana) MTh, 2013    
An Analysis of the Activities of the Women's Ministry in Assemblies of God, Ghana and its Implications for Church Growth

Danquah, Obed (Ghana) MTh, 2013            
An  Examination of how Christ relates to African Primal Religion: Contributions from selected Modern  African Christian Theologians

Dwamena-Aboagye, Angela (Ghana) MTh, 2013
An Analysis of the Hierarchicalist and Egalitarian Debate on Gender Relations in the Western Evangelical Church from the Perspective of an African Christian Woman

Mozley, James Michael (USA) MTh, 2013    
Thomas Birch Freeman, Sr. as an Exemplar of Indigeneity and Change Agency in West African Christian History: A Critical Examination of his Life and Ministries

Nyarko, Ernest (Ghana) MTh, 2013
Exploring the New Testament Concept of Baptism from an Akan Perspective

Avor, Benjamin Greene (Nigeria) MTh, 2014
A Theological Interpretation of the Symbolism of Circumcision in Genesis 17: 1-14 from an African (Engenni) Perspective

Koroma, Karim Kelvin (Sierra Leone) MTh, 2014
Christian Mission and African Traditional Medicine: Case Studies of Gospel and Culture Engagement

Zizer, Dorinda Sylanna Marvel (Sierra Leone) MTh, 2014
"Awujɔh": A Study of the Social and Religious Significance of Ancestral Rites among the Creole of Sierra Leone and its Engagement with Christianity

Dah, Joel Sie (Burkina Faso) MTh, 2015
Purpose, Use and Meaning of the Birifor Instruments and the Dances in Birifo Tradition and in Christianity: A Study of Gospel and Culture Encounter

M'bara, Plaisance (Central African Republic) MTh, 2015
Engaging the Gospel with Culture with  Respect to the Issue of Structural Sin in Conflicts in Africa: A Case Study of Rwanda with a View to Application to the Central African Republic

Nyador, Mawuli (Ghana) MTh, 2015
Jesus through the Lens of Ewe Culture: A Mother Tongue Exegetical Reflection on Hebrews 1:1-4

Wirkuu, Genesis S. (Cameroon) MTh, 2015
Understanding the Christian Ministry of Reconciliation in the Light of the Kidiv RItual of the Nso' People of Cameroon

Appiah, Sylvia Evelyn (Ghana) MTh, 2016
Yomuyo: Theological Philosophical Analysis of Virginity in the Dipo Rite of the Krobo in Modern and Christian Perspectives

Ellis, Nana Kwasi (Ghana) MTh, 2016
Ministerial Formation and Practice: An Overview of the Anglican Diocese of Accra

Kwotua, Jonah (Ghana) MTh, 2016
An Analysis of the Gospel's Engagement with Kasena Traditional Marriage

Mogtari, Haruna Yussif (Ghana) MTh, 2016
Mission to Fulbe: An Examination of the Affinities between the World-view of Fulbe migrants in Ghana and the Christian Faith

Oluwadare, Jeremiah B. (Nigeria) MTh, 2016
"Wiwa Ogbon ati Imo" Search for Wisdom and Knowledge in Yoruba Religio-Cultural Context: A Mother-Tongue  Exegetical Study of Colossians of Colossians 2:1-7

Sakyiama, Francis Addo (Ghana) MTh, 2016
The Relevance of the Abotakyi Accord (1733) to the Asona-Abusua of the Akuapem-Akropong: An Analysis of Christianity's Engagement with Akuapem Culture