Graduate Seminars

Previous Seminar Topics Presented

Topic: The Akuapem State and Christianity: An Assessment of the Work and Contribution of Akuapem Adehye to Okuapeman and Church in Ghana. Presented by Francis Sakyiama Addo (PhD).
Topic: The Emergence of The Christian Gospel among the Birifor: The Role of Women in the Process. Presented by Dorcas Ini Dah.
Topic: Educational Development in Sierra Leone: Early 19th century education and the Liberated Africans. Presented by Victor Zizer.
Topic: Understanding the Christian Ministry of Reconciliation in the light of Kidiv Ritual of the Nso people of Cameroon. Presented by Genesis Wirkuu.
Topic: Christian Education as Holistic Mission and Moral Transformation: An Assessment of Studying Environmental Science and the Related Students’ Moral Environmental Responsibility at the Presbyterian University College, Ghana. Presented by E. Y. Blasu.
Topic: Entrepreneurship among the Kwahu of Ghana: An examination of the historical, primal and Christian influences. Presented by Obed Danquah.
Topic: Building Bridges between the Asante Chieftancy Institution and Christianity: The Traditional Religious Functions of the Asante Christian Chief vis a vis the Christian Faith. Presented by Samuel Ofori.
Topic: Gospel Engaging with the Culture of Spiritual sin related to Conflicts in Africa: A case Study of Rwanda and Central African Republic. Presented by Plaisance M’bara.
Topic: Purpose, Use and Meaning of the Birifor Instruments and Dances in the Birifor Tradition and in Christianity: A Study of Gospel and Culture encounter.. Presented by Joel Dah.
Topic: Jesus through the Lens of Ewe Culture: A Mother Tongue Exegetical Reflection on Hebrews. Presented by Mawuli Nyador.