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The April 2012 Dinner was jointly hosted by ACI. In March 2014, the Alumni themselves took the initiative and organised a luncheon at the SU Conference Room in Accra. Unfortunately only eight persons could attend the meeting. They were made up of  Alumni, Bishop J. Quainoo, Abraham Ng'ang'a, Obed Danquah, Rudolf Gaisie, Dorcas Dah and Charity Danso as well as ACI Rector, Rev Dr B. Quarshie and Aunty Grace Nartey (former Registrar). The meeting discussed the need to have a more vibrant Alumni Association and agreed to meet at least once a year. It also elected Bishop Joseph Quainoo as interim President. Bishop Joseph Quainoo graciously sponsored the luncheon.

Not long after this meeting, the Association concretised its resolve to be a formidable group by meeting at the Osu Presbyterian Church Hall on 28 May 2014 to elect Executive Officers. To get as many alumni as possible to attend this meeting, a vigrous publicity effort was put in place, which included phone calls, text messages and e-mails. The following were elected at the meeting:

President: Bishop Joseph Quainoo
Vice President: Rev. Yaw Danso
Treasurer: Claire Wagi 
Secretary: John Amoo-Bediako
Church of Pentecost Representative: Philip N. Marfo
Public Relations Officer: Joseph Gyebi 
ACI Liaison/Coordinator: Ernest Nyarko

The issue of electing a possible international Liaison Officer was deferred to a later date. The meeting also agreed that the new executive should lead the Association for a term of two years: June 2014-June 2016.

Further, the meeting agreed to draft a standard constitution and to commit each other to an annual dues of GHS100 for Ghanaians, $50 for other Africans, $100 for US citizens, 50.00 for UK citizens and 50 for other Europeans. It would also accept donations from churches and corporate institutions as well as individuals. Additionally, the meeting encouraged all alumni to promote ACI Courses and Programmes, to endeavour to attend ACI functions and to assist the Institute in their respective professional capacities. It further urged alumni to write articles for JACT and other ACI Publications and also to sponsor Alumni Association meetings by providing a meal and/or paying for the renting of the meeting place. The current meeting was sponsored by Obed Danquah. Click here to see photographs of the meeting.

An important item on the agenda was the proposed Alumni Association Secretariat which was to be developed from the Presbyterian College of Education (PCE) block next to the new Library. This block had been handed over to ACI as part of a property exchange agreement with the management of PCE. Click here to see photographs.

It would interest alumni to know that at the end of the dedication ceremony for the new library, a discussion was held between Alumni Association Secretary, John Amoo-Bediako, Alumnus, Abraham Ng'ang'a, ACI Registrar, Ben Asiedu and architect Erskine O. Berko who had been invited by the Secretary (as agreed upon at the Osu meeting) to conduct a preliminary physical survey and feasibility analysis of the proposed Secretariat. The following points were discussed:

* the alocation of both the ground floor and first floor to the Alumni Association for conversion
* the underwriting of the total cost of conversion by alumni as a project 
* the presentation of a draft design to both ACI management and Alumni Association for approval
* the consideration that should be shown for areas that might be intended for future development and        which therefore should inform any demolition works
* the approval that should be sought from management and all relevant stakeholders before the
   commencement of any works.

To this end, the Alumni Association welcomes contributions from all alumni. The contact person is: Alumni Treasurer Mrs. Claire Waigi on 0243031391 or

The Alumni Association has started sending out a Bulletin (and minutes of its meetings). To be put on the mailing list and/or be added officially to the Alumni Association database contact Secretary, John Amoo-Bediako on 0570 907 641 or