ACI - Kwame Bediako Endowment Fund

In order to build on so as to achieve the Institute’s vision of being a pace-setter in academic and pastoral training of Christian workers and leaders for effective mission in the African context, the Chancellor, Council, Management and Staff have proposed the formation of an Endowment Fund, named after the first Rector, Rev Prof Kwame Bediako of blessed memory.

As a postgraduate institution of excellence, ACI continues to attract students from all over Africa. Unfortunately, many deserving students are unable to take advantage of this opportunity because they do not have the financial resources to do so. As a result, student numbers continue to be low, making the Institute’s income from its core activity inadequate.

The establishment of the Endowment Fund (E-Fund) will provide desired long-term sustainability for the Institute. The generous donations of friends (individuals, churches, church agencies and various organisations/institutions) will be very helpful in sustaining the Institute. This way the vision of its founding Rector and his team can continue to grow.

As an individual, we will like to encourage you to give at least GH¢100 (or US$100) in one or more instalments in this first year and subsequent years. A church or corporate entity or a foundation may also consider donating a significant amount in one or more instalments to the targeted amount of GH¢1,000,000 (or US$1,000,000) in the first year and subsequent years.

Only the interest on the fund will be utilised, thus allowing the principal to generate more interest. The good news is that income from the fund will help subsidise tuition fees for students and scholarships for many. Funds accrued from the E-Fund can also be used to provide library resources, research projects and the much needed infrastructure. When needed, interest from the fund could cover budget shortfalls and enable management to continue to move the Institution forward, even in times of financial constraints.

Some benefits of sharing in the ACI vision is the satisfaction of having participated in fulfilling a vision that resonates with you; the joy of knowing that the vision will be carried on beyond your lifetime; and sharing in the research findings and ministry of the Institute through the newsletter as well as its workshops and seminars.

The Council, Management and Staff of the Institute are seeking friends who will partner with them in response to this appeal to ensure that ACI’s vision lives on.

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