ACI Publications

Akrofi-Christaller Institute has a vigorous publications programme, that includes theses, historical and theological studies and studies of important issues for social and cultural transformation. These are all geared towards enhancing the Institute's usefulness to the churches in their witness to the Kingdom of God in Ghanaian society and in Africa as a whole.

The Institute publishes its own internationally refereed journal, Journal of African Christian Thought.

The Institute is the editorial office for Regnum Africa publications. Books published include:

Kwame Bediako, Jesus in Africa - The Christian Gospel in African History and Experience (2000).

Kä Mana, Christians and Churches of Africa Envisioning the Future - Salvation in Christ and the Building of a New African Society (2002).

Mercy Amba Oduyoye, Beads and Strands - Reflections of an African Woman on Christianity in Africa (2002).

Laurenti Magesa, African Catholicism in Transition, Models of the Church for a New Century (2007)

These four are in a series called ‘Theological Reflections from the South’, which is designed to disseminate the fruit of creative thinking of African theologians, in the first instance, among ministers of churches, theological students and educated lay Christians.

Other books include:
John Azumah, Let your Light Shine! Christian witness in a Muslim context. (Horizons Publications)

John Azumah, Light on Islam, What non-Muslims need to know about Islam. (Horizons Publications)
Kwame Bediako, Christianity in Africa – The Renewal of a Non-Western Religion. (Orbis Books)

Kwame Bediako, Theology and Identity, The Impact of Culture on Christian Thought in the Second Century and Modern Africa

Gillian M. Bediako, Primal Religion and the Bible, William Robert Smith and his heritage

Gillian M. Bediako, Behold the Son of God! A Bible Study Guide on the Gospel of Mark (Asempa Publishers)

Allison M. Howell, The Religious Itinerary of a Ghanaian People, the Kasena and the Christian Gospel (ACP)

Allison M. Howell, A Daily Guide for Culture and Language Learning

Allison M. Howell, A Handbook for Encouragers, Supervisors and Self directed learners (SIM Ghana) 

Ype Schaaf, On Their Way Rejoicing, History and Role of the Bible in Africa. (rev. ed .2003)

Clare Macrae,The Secred Tree, Divinities and Ancestors in Encounter with Christianity in Religious Experience and History of the Early Irish and Akan people of Ghana (Cardiff Academic Press)

Gideon Githige, The Church as a Bulwark against Authoritarianism

ACI is also concerned to develop biblical and Christian literature in Ghanaian languages. In 2006 the Institute launched a new series: Nyamedua Series in African Mother-Tongue Theology. The first book in this series is a Christological study in Ga, the language of Accra, by ACI staff member, Rev Dr Philip Tete Laryea: Yesu, Homowo Nuntso (Jesus, Lord of Homowo).

Regnum Africa is also concerned to publish the fruits of research that records and documents the oral history and theology of churches in Ghana. Several theses of the Institute are in line for publication.All these are available in the Institute's book store. And can be ordered by email or online(Service coming soon)

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